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Designed to intelligently increase training volume with a primary focus on aesthetics.

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The next generation of gym bag essential is here - welcome to EXBAND. With nothing more than a monthly subscription and a resistance band, EXBAND gives you access to an entire video catalogue of fully-coached workouts, updated every week and designed with one thing in mind - looking good!

Targeting specific ranges of motion, appropriate rep range and increasing the time spent under tension, EXBAND offers one of the easiest ways to intelligently and effectively increase your training volume for those more 'aesthetic' muscle groups. Thicker Arms? Bigger Shoulders? Peachier Bum? You're in the right place.

Whether you're looking to supplement your training with a functional-bodybuilding bolt-on or just looking for something quick to follow when you're short on time, our programming is designed to get you bigger, leaner and ultimately feeling great! Start making those small daily investments today and see how quickly you start to notice a difference!

So how does it work?

All our videos will cover the appropriate execution of all the movements you'll complete in that session, along with all movement scales and adjustments to make sure your goals, ability and environment are all considered. This means that every workout can be tailored so you get exactly what you want you want from each session.

We are more than just online programming. As well as being walked through the structure and movement standards for all our workouts, our videos are also fully coached - from start from finish - by one of our coaches!

Struggle with motivation? We get it - but don't worry, you'll also be joined on screen by other members of our extended EXBAND family who will also be getting their pump on! You'll be surprised at the difference this makes... and hopefully feel better knowing that you won't be suffering alone!

Combining all of these elements makes it easier than ever to build the habit and stick with it. As fitness professionals from very different backgrounds we really believe in what we've built - so if you're new and simply looking to be more active or a long-time gym user with years of experience, try us out and tell us it doesn't make a difference...

What do people think?

"I highly recommend trying exband. I have been using it alongside other workouts in the gym and running. I do one or two a day if I can and I really notice the difference. It’s amazing what you can get from just using a band. The movements are very easy to follow and the coaching really helps. Will be keeping it up and making it part of my exercise regime.
P.s never underestimate the band! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺ"

"I thought the first workout I did - the shoulder video - was brilliant. Crystal clear, great guidance and easy to replicate! My shoulders were burning during the first AMRAP! For Β£8 a month!? Bargain!! I’m a sucker for underestimating workouts and this seriously caught me off guard 🀣"

"I am loving these workouts! It's crazy how one band can do so much for you. I do 1x workout a day alongside running to keep my body toned as I can't use any heavy kit in my flat. I have found it really helpful, plus it's great doing it alongside all the Valesco gang and trying to keep up with them πŸ˜‰πŸ’ͺ"

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